How it works

Your first assessment will include analysis of your scalp and hair condition. Dr Lee (Acupuncture) will then provide an honest opinion of the potential results you can expect based on similar hair loss conditions.

Your first consultation is risk free with absolutely no obligation to start ongoing treatment.

Our treatment is based on a Holistic approach, focusing on 3 key areas:

Balancing of body systems

Acupuncture is used to assist in regrowing your hair by balancing the body’s overall system. Issues such as blood circulation, sleeping patterns and stress levels are addressed.

Blood flow

Blood flow to the affected areas of your scalp is significantly enriched. This results in enhanced delivery of available nutrients to your hair follicles.

Nutrient supply

Chinese herbs and herbal hair tonic is used to increase the supply of essential nutrients for your hair to grow.

A Unique Approach To Hair Loss

Our Hair Loss Treatment using a Holistic Approach is administered by Johnson C S Lee, Accredited Acupuncturist. Dr (Acupuncture) Lee has had a particular interest in working with Hair Loss issues over the past 35 years.

Johnson C S Lee has invented and developed a unique approach to treating Hair Loss in Men and Women of all ages. The treatment involves no surgery, drugs or painful procedures.

We use a combination of Modern and Traditional Acupuncture Techniques to achieve a therapeutic outcome in a short period of time. Initial improvements can usually be seen within a 6 to 8 week window.

How It Works

  • The appointment is a very relaxed atmosphere with no pressure sales tactics.
  • Dr (Acupuncture) Lee will analyse your hair and scalp condition.
  • You will be given an honest opinion of what potential results you could expect based on Dr (Acupuncture) Lee’s 35 years of assisting with Hair Loss.
  • View our Hair Loss Results for similar hair loss conditions.
  • Any questions about your hair loss and Dr (Acupuncture) Lee’s treatment will be answered.
  • Absolutely no obligation to start treatment.
  • If you do decide to start treatment, there are absolutely no contracts and you continue treatment only if you are getting your desired results. You can terminate your treatment at any time.
  • Our service is based on integrity, honesty, and being totally upfront with our clients.

Free First Consultation