Founder and Developer of a Natural Chinese Hair Growth System

Dr Johnson C S Lee with his son Dr Oscar Lee

Holistic Natural & Drug-Free Approach to Managing Hair Loss

Dr Johnson C S Lee (Acupuncture) has discovered and developed an all natural and unique approach to managing various forms of hair loss which has now been passed onto his son, Dr Oscar Lee (Acupuncture). This approach is suitable for both men and women of all ages and involves no surgery, drugs or painful procedures.

Using a combination of Modern Acupuncture and ancient Chinese Herbal Medicine, therapeutic and noticeable results may be seen in 8 weeks using our standard program.


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How It Works

In Chinese medicine, healthy luscious hair relies on the constant unimpeded flow of blood and qi (vital force) throughout the body, including nourishing the scalp. When this natural flow of blood and qi is interrupted, it leads to disharmony in the body’s organ systems. This disharmony can often be caused by poor diet, poor assimilation of nutrients, poor quality sleep, ongoing physical/emotional stress, immune system disorders or a hormonal imbalance. This in turn, may lead to insufficient nourishment to the scalp and hair loss problems may result.

Our proprietary treatment technique is based on a Natural Holistic approach, focusing on 3 key areas to restore harmony in the body to promote Natural Hair Growth:

Balancing of Body Systems

Increase Blood Flow to Hair & Scalp

Supplementing Hair Nutrient Supply

Balancing of Body Systems

This is the first key area in our Natural Hair Growth System. When the main organs of the body that support your underlying hair growth become stressed and deficient, poor blood flow, lack of quality sleep and increased stress levels may result.

This may then lead to increased hair loss and poor nutrient flow to the underlying hair follicle. Over time, this prolonged deficient condition may result in hair miniaturisation and ultimately, the hair follicle falling out.

Here at Natural Hair Health Acupuncture, we used a technique called differential diagnosis to help identify the underlying cause of your organ imbalance. For example, the Kidney organ in Chinese medicine is responsible for the regulation of hormones in your body. These include testosterone in men and progesterone/estrogen in women, which in Western medicine is linked to the hormone DiHydroTestosterone (DHT). Many research studies have linked the effect of high levels of DHT to hair loss in both men and women.

By balancing the body’s organ systems and functions, you may experience improved blood circulation, improved quality of sleep and reduced stress levels. This may then lead to the reversal of the hair miniaturisation process and reduction in overall hair loss. Over time, this may also help strengthen the existing hair follicle to thicken in diameter and induce new hair regrowth. Therefore, the goal of Balancing your Body Systems is:

  1. Restore and activate your hair follicles that are inactive,
  2. Strengthen and thicken your existing weak hair follicles.

In our clinic, we use ancient acupuncture techniques to help restore your body’s organ systems and functions. Specific acupuncture points are needled and stimulated to restore this harmony and bring your body functions back into balance. This is a crucial part of our Natural Hair Growth System.

Increasing Blood Flow to the Scalp and Hair Follicles

The second key area is to increase blood flow. By increasing blood flow to the scalp, dormant hair roots and weak hair follicles can get the essential nutrients required to maintain a healthy, thick hair follicle. Here in our clinic, we use modern acupuncture techniques to achieve this outcome.

Modern acupuncture techniques are used to increase blood circulation to the scalp which will stimulate the hair follicles, deliver essential nutrients and stimulate hair growth. We use the combination of modern Electro-Acupuncture (EA) and ancient acupuncture points, along with our special “electro dermal needle” that has been pioneered by Dr Johnson C S Lee (Acupuncture).

EA is a modern modality of acupuncture and was developed in 1958 in China.  EA uses the same ancient acupuncture points as in traditional acupuncture, but the difference is that needles are attached to a device that sends electrical currents or pulses into the body. These electrical pulses have stimulating effects, which can influence cells, tissues and entire body systems.

Together, EA and the electro-dermal needle work in tandem to stimulate and increase blood flow to the scalp which nourish the dormant roots and strengthen the weak hair follicles.

Scalp Massage to Supplement Blood Flow

To supplement the acupuncture therapy, a daily scalp massage technique will be used to help stimulate blood flow to the scalp and aid with your hair growth. This process will be taught to you in our clinic and applied each day for approximately 5 minutes. By stimulating the scalp on a regular basis to increase the blood flow, dormant hair follicles are encouraged back to life, assisting in the overall regrowth process.

Supplementing Nutrient Supply to Support the Hair and Scalp

The third key area is supplementing nutrient supply to the hair follicle. Once your body becomes rebalanced and optimal blood flow has been restored to the scalp, increasing the supply of essential hair growth nutrients will help to feed and support the hair follicle with the ingredients to regrow thicker and faster.

Here at Natural Hair Health Acupuncture, we use ancient Chinese herbal medicine and herbal hair tonic to achieve this outcome.

Chinese herbs have been used for thousands of years to stop hair loss and regrow hair. One herb in particular is known for its ability to treat hair loss and alopecia. This herb is called He Shou Wu (Polygonum Multiflorum). Some of the primary benefits and most sought after effects of He Shou Wu are its ability to reverse hair loss, restore colour to greying hair and as a hair growth and rejuvenation tonic.

These days, there are thousands of first-person reports demonstrating a truly noticeable change in the thickness, strength and colour of their hair after regularly consuming He Shou Wu. Clinical studies are now starting to back up these claims. A number of modern day studies on dermal hair cells have shown that He Shou Wu does promote hair growth, with the herb having been successfully used for this purpose for thousands of years.

Historical records also backup these claims as records dating back to 812 AD, document He Shou Wu (Polygonum Multiflorum) as an extremely important tonic medicine that could “benefit for the essence, strengthen your spirits, protect your beauty, black your hair and extend your life” (Polygonum Multiflorum Biography, AD 812). In the Compendium of Materia Medica (Shizhen Li, AD 1578), the words “it could benefit essence, kidney, spleen, bones and hair as a tonic traditional Chinese medicine “ were used to describe the herb.

Therefore, from ancient historical Chinese times, He Shou Wu is considered a revered adaptogenic super herb for its miraculous ability to recharge, rejuvenate and restore your body, mind and spirit.

In our clinic, Chinese herbs such as He Shou Wu (Polygonum Multiflorum), Ginseng (Panax), Dang Gui (Angelica), Huang Qi (Astralagus), Saw Palmetto (Serenoa Repens) and more have been formulated as nutrient supplements. The combination of these herbs work in harmony to restore balance and support your body in strengthening and regrowing your hair.

Furthermore, our herbal hair tonic supplement also contains He Shou Wu, Ginseng and Saw Palmetto. He Shou Wu and Ginseng are used for their ability to circulate blood, increase blood flow to the hair follicles, strengthen and thicken existing hair follicles and to rejuvenate your energy levels.

Saw Palmetto is used to block DiHydroTestosterone (DHT). DHT is a by product of testosterone and has been shown to bind to hair follicle receptors and cause them to shrink, weaken and eventually die. Many research reports show that Saw Palmetto acts as a natural DHT blocker that can be used to inhibit the enzyme 5α-reductase, which is responsible for converting testosterone into DHT, which in turn, helps fight hair miniaturisation and hair loss. In addition, it actively works to promote hair regrowth in men and women alike and can be used to promote and support healthier luscious hair.

By addressing the 3 key areas above, it is very common that your overall well being significantly improves. You may also feel more energised through better overall blood circulation, your sleeping patterns may improve and your stress levels may significantly reduce. Your body may then be more responsive to herbal and tonic supplementation which can lead to significantly reduced hair loss and strong healthy hair growth.


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Meet The Team

Dr Johnson C S Lee (Acupuncture) is the founder and developer of an all Natural Chinese Hair Growth System which he has been practicing and refining since 1978 in Sydney, Australia. He is Chinese born and now a local resident who moved to Sydney back in 1972, bringing with him his skills and techniques learnt from overseas. His passion to improve hair regrowth led to the development and discovery of his proprietary hair regrowth technique using modern acupuncture and ancient Chinese herbal medicine.

This ancient wisdom and knowledge has now been passed onto Dr Johnson C S Lee’s son, Dr Oscar Lee (Acupuncture). Oscar is an Australian born Chinese medicine practitioner (Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine) with many years of experience, learning and practicing with his father Dr Johnson C S Lee (Acupuncture). Together, they form the team at Natural Hair Health Acupuncture that will help you to naturally regrow your hair and manage your hair loss.